Improved Docassemble Service Offerings and Focus on Higher Tiers

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I've been thinking about this for a bit. The goal is to provide the best possible service to our customers and the best use of our time is servicing higher tier customers. As a result we are making some changes to our service model. This means devoting more resources to our highest tier offerings.

Effective immediately, we will be focusing our efforts on our Docassemble hosting services for higher tier customers. This will allow us to provide a truly premium level of support, with faster response times and more personalized service.

For our lower tier hosting packages, we will be streamlining our support offerings. We're not 100% sure how it will look but most likely support channels will move to self-service options.

This shift allows us to concentrate more technical expertise and person-power on our premium offerings. Higher tier customers can expect an enhanced experience, with more resources devoted to their inquiries.

Thank you for your understanding as we optimize our services to provide the best possible experience, especially for our enterprise and highest value customers. We're excited about the improved offerings this will enable.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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