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How to setup Docassemble with less than 4GBs of RAM

As we've discussed in a previous post, it is possible to run Docassemble on a server with less than 4GB of RAM. This post walks through process step by step.

Let's make a deal

If you want an easy way to get started with hosted docassemble, let's make a deal!

Thinking - honest update

...Bottom line. We're here for your docassemble hosting needs, assume we can do it. Feel free to just reach out. Let's talk and get things in place.

Bring your own server

What if you could benefit from the power of managed hosting but get to choose where you host your docassemble instance?

Is it possible to host a docassemble server with less than 4GB of RAM?

docassemble on servers with less than 4GB, is that even possible? This article discusses the feasibility of hosting docassemble on tiny servers.